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Guru'Guay Guide to Montevideo


Unique guides and information about Montevideo and Uruguay.

Guru'Guay Guide to Montevideo


Guru'Guay Guide to Montevideo


The first REAL insider's guide to Montevideo to access from your kindle. 

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Montevideo, capital of Uruguay, is incredibly still one of South America's off-the-radar destinations.

Author Karen Higgs has lived in Montevideo for the last fifteen years, and is creator of the popular Guru’Guay website on Montevideo and Uruguay. 

Install the Guru'Guay Guide to Montevideo on your phone and get your hands on information about:

  • holidays and festivals you must not miss, like the mysterious Sea Goddess celebrations
  • how to select the best neighbourhood to stay based on your personal preferences
  • worth-while tours
  • great day trips
  • architectural highlights in the city with the most Art-deco after New York
  • restaurants for people desperate for gourmet and veggie options
  • restaurants for wine-lovers
  • the most charming (and the grittiest) historic cafes
  • underground art cooperatives
  • history that's really based on what you'll live and see, not just the spouting of dates

and the kind of chapters you don't find in commercial guidebooks, such as

  • films to watch, albums to listen to and books to read before you come
  • where Montevideans go to listen to live music and who the best live acts to check out are
  • a full chapter on the best (and worst) of carnival
  • tips for stress-free driving your hire-car
  • unusual gifts and where to find them
  • best local wines and where to buy them
  • how to distinguish a Montevidean by the expressions they use
  • personal anecdotes that illustrate the Uruguayan personality

and much much more.


"WONDERFUL! This is SUCH a great guide. It not only makes me nostalgic, it makes me want to visit again ASAP and see all the things I missed!" 


“I actually started Guru’Guay because guests at our little guesthouse in the Old City complained that it was virtually impossible to find a good guidebook on Uruguay. I later discovered why. Those guidebooks published by the big companies are written by people who fly in for a week and then leave.” – Karen

By buying a Guru'Guay Guide you are supporting independent publishing. Thank you!

If by any chance the guide does not work for your device, contact us for a no-questions-asked refund.